Roe Clusters

$ 6.99

In 2016, loyal customers challenged us to make a small salmon egg custer that worked as effectively as our larger-sized eggs. We listened. Introducing the Fishing Physics® Roe Cluster. Smaller, more compact clusters compared to our Small Eggs, the Roe Cluster perfectly mimics a chunk of spawn drifting in the current, pumping out a vigorous scent trail that releases for up to 12 hours thanks to our patented Hydrogel material. Stretchy, soft, and packed with flavor, the biodegradeable Roe Cluster is arguably the most realistic artificial egg ever created.


All roe clusters are hand made in small batches, and soaked in pure salmon egg juice, amino acids, pheromones, and other attractants exclusive to our secret formula. Offered in 3 sizes and 3 colors, the Fishing Physics Roe Cluster is the ultimate alternative to live bait!

Works best when hooked through the rigging zone, a firm spongy tough fiber in the center of each cluster.



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