Bait Scents

Posted by JoAnn Bachewicz on 2015-05-18


How much of a role does scent play in fishing presentations? It catches fish for sure, but here’s where you start.

The evolution of fishing tackle constantly keeps us on our toes. There is a regular influx of new products that certainly deserve a place in our arsenals, but many come with a learning curve. I recently ran into Fishing Physics, which after being educated I could have passed judgment and moved on, but to my surprise there is something a little different here, and worth noting.

Fishing Physics includes hydrogel in their baits, which absorbs the liquid it’s immersed in. So, very much like a sponge the baits absorb the scent they are soaked in, which is later released into the water—thus attracting hungry fish. Since the company uses hydrogel—unlike others that are oil based—this keeps the scent centralized on the bait rather than floating to the surface.

There are several scents currently available: Earthworm, herring, minnow, squid, shrimp and salmon. They’re also biodegradable, which is another “plus” as far as I’m concerned.

I’m excited to get these baits in front of some hungry fish!



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