The Science Behind Our Baits

Constructed from specially formulated hydrogels, these durable and effective baits are able to absorb fish-attracting solutions and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. A grouper bait, for example, can be soaked with the smell of squid—one of the grouper’s favorite food sources. Because the scent-based attractant is released continuously, users of these species-specific baits catch more fish.

An Eco-friendly and Lasting Bait

Sprays and dips wash off traditional baits as soon as they hit the water. Not the case with our baits. Fishing Physics’ baits maintain effectiveness from cast to cast. These baits, with their longevity and catch rates, have contributed to saving anglers hundreds of dollars. Additionally, our baits are environmentally friendly, as our soaks are all water based, meaning that no oils of any kind are used.



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